Bet360 Player Wins $16, 349 Progressive Jackpot!

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Bet360 Player Wins $16, 349 Progressive Jackpot!

One lucky Bet360 player has over sixteen thousand reasons to celebrate, after hitting a popular progressive jackpot worth $16, 349.

Long-time slots player William B., an Auckland resident probably didn’t imagine it would be his lucky night when he logged in to Bet630. However, all it took was a few spins on one of his favorite games. Within minutes he hit a multiplier which led to this remarkable jackpot win.

While he has been doing 1xBet sports betting for quite some time and doing very well. He never considered that his biggest win would come from a game of chance. Like many poker, blackjack and sports betting fans.

Are Bet360 Slots or Table Games Better?

One of the top questions that players at casinos like Bet360 and 1xBet have is whether the slots or table games are the better option. Of course, players who tend to win playing roulette, will say that’s the best game. While slots players are loyal to the games that yield huge wins for them.

So, are there games that statically pay more? The answer isn’t so simple. It’s not good enough to analyze the payout percentages or house edge to decide. You must consider the amounts certain games pay out as well.

For example, the biggest slots win was on Mega Moolah in New Zealand of roughly 14 million dollars. It’s safe to say no one has ever won quite so much on a table game, without being willing to risk a significant amount as well.

That’s the thing that sets slot games apart from every other type, the real reason so many players choose them. It’s not the fact that they are fun to play, come in different themes etc. It’s the simple fact that you don’t need to risk a lot in order to end up winning thousands, and for some even millions.

The main takeaway here is that unless you’re a high roller with thousands you can risk. Slots are your best bet for winning huge amounts of money. Give it a try yourself and see if it’s your lucky night.

How to Choose the Right Slots?

You’ve probably noticed by now that large online platforms like Bet360 and 1xBet casino all have a ton of different slot games. They come in just about any theme you could possibly want and every type of game. So, how do you choose a winner?

Firstly, understand that different games offer different odds and Return to Player rates. Therefore, it’s imperative to always read the pay table and make sure you’re betting enough to win.

Secondly, something you must keep under control if you want to win is your money management. You shouldn’t choose the cheapest games every time, but nor should you bet the maximum on the expensive ones. Try to find a middle ground of 1xBet New Zealand slot games that offer incredible payouts but are within your budget.

Lastly, don’t make something meant to be fun, become a source of stress in your life. The only way to truly enjoy yourself is to start slowly and keep your playing light-hearted and casual.