365 Bets Player Wins $20,940 On a Popular Progressive

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365 Bets Player Wins $20,940 On a Popular Progressive

A Happy 365 Bets Player Scored Big Time When He Won A Progressive Jackpot Worth Almost $2100!

Imagine playing the game of slots and. You’re having engrossed in the game, having fun with all of the features and the gameplay in general. When suddenly, sounds go off, lights start flashing and you can’t believe your luck! That’s precisely what Olive F. from Auckland felt when that precise thing happened to him.

The 365 Bets Jackpot is Not His First

The 62-year-old has been playing slots for about a decade now. And would you believe it? This 365 Bets prize isn’t even his first jackpot win. In fact, he has won over $10,000 twice and several other jackpots worth a few thousand. How fabulous for him!

Like most slots’ players, he also dabbles in sports betting, online poker and blackjack. Particularly visiting 365 Bets for slots, and 1xbet casino and 1xbet sports for all his online betting. We’re glad he did his research to find some top-notch platforms for his favorite hobby.

Thinking of Playing Slots Online?

There are some pretty big differences between slots and some table games. However, if you choose wisely and use a good strategy, you can give yourself pretty decent chances of winning. It’s all a matter of understanding the game you’re playing and choosing wisely how to bet.

You can’t follow the same methods for playing slots as you would with games of skill like poker. No matter how much your friend with weird slots habits tells you otherwise. There’s truly no superstition or method that will help you out while you’re already sitting at the game of your choice.

The secret to winning slots lies in the games you choose to play. We know, it might be hard for you to scroll past million-dollar jackpots to start a game with a prize that’s far less. However, it’s what you must do majority of the time. Unless you’re made of money.

Progressives are an excellent choice for short sporadic sessions, since they are all based on luck anyway. The more regular paying machines are the ones in the mid-range of prizes. And since they cost less than making the required maximum wager on progressives, they’ll be easier on your bankroll.

How to Choose the Perfect Game?

Slot games come with something called Return to Player rates. These are predetermined percentages that the game can give back to players when they win. And the frequency and amount of prizes will depend on this number. However, when playing with 1xBet, you can count on getting very high RTP rates of at least 95%.

Whether you’re betting on sports or playing slots, regular RNG games, or live dealer tables, you will find incredible odds of winning. Moreover, we stand behind our promise to keep bringing you the newest games and giving you consistently generous bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Getting Started

Your best option is to explore 1xBet New Zealand and see which games speak to you. Whether it’s slots or popular table games.